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FINALLY – A Way to Make Activity Workflows Actionable, Repeatable and Trackable

Whether your business activities are mapped out, or not, having an automated process for conducting work activities can provide huge advantages to your company. Veris Global can build an “Active File” for any activity your company performs and all you have to do is push a button and the process starts, just like you designed it. An Active File includes every person, every instruction, every question or piece of information employees need to reliably contribute to the activity. And it’s done the same way every time.

Veris Global is the first company to bring automation to managing activities in a collaborative way. And it’s Simple!
  • Build a library of typical Active Files that drive your business
  • Include only the necessary people
  • Provide direction and important reference information
  • Drive activity based on key Decisions
  • Assign and Track Action Items
  • Capture and Store progress for each step
  • Easily Track progress for an Active File
  • Unlimited Flexibility and Customization with Access and Control managed according to Client’s preferences.

Key Features


Know exactly who’s managing the current step

Intelligent Customization

Easily Conforms to your Business, Operations and Culture

Realtime Analytics

Perpetually Track Performance & Trends

Smart Workflows

Develop Decision Elements that take a path depending on a key decision

Mobile Application

Simplicity – Efficiency – Availability

Powerful User Experience

Cloud based, Intuitive and Customizable

Systems Solutions Software

Automated Capability Simplified