Our Global Management Team is comprised of industry leadership from Major and Independent Oil & Gas companies providing a spectrum of capabilities that span from ultra deep-water offshore to High Temperature – High Pressure (HTHP) onshore assets. Veris’ wide-ranging experience originates from BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, BHP, Chevron, Oxy, Amoco, Arco, and Stone Energy. Our team includes veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard who specialize in Marine Safety missions including technical vessel, rig and platform inspections, environmental protection & response, investigations, and ports & waterways safety and security.

Keith Seilhan
President & Principal
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Jason Sullivan
Managing Partner
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Aaron Newsom
Director of Software
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Ryan Roy
Director of Information Technology
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Travis Taylor
Director 0f Marine Assurance
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David Jackson
Director of Operations Safety
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Sheri Bienvenue
Office Manager
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Mick Fincham
Sr Marine & Operations Consultant
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Veris Global holds board positions with LAGCOE, United Way of Acadiana, and Desk and Derrick Club of Lafayette helping to advance enrichment and the well-being of the industries we serve, as well as our community. We're also proud members of Offshore Operations Committee, ISNetworld, and Microsoft's Partner Network.

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